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Mafia City will cast you as Lincoln Clay, a gangster in 1968

Erstellt 01.09.2018 08:21 von mafiacity 01.09.2018 08:21 In der Kategorie Allgemein.

Mafia City will cast you as Lincoln Clay, a gangster in 1968 New Orleans seeking revenge for a mob attack on his family. Clay is a Vietnam veteran with a violent streak, and you can exercise that freely in an open world city ruled by opposing gangs.

As with previous game mafia, the city serves as a backdrop to a tight linear story that sees Clay attacking gangster hideouts to work his way up to the big boss. As you take over new properties, you can hand them off to your gangland pals, including Vito from Mafia City Our friends at GamesRadar have seen it, and praise its ambiance and use of late '60s pop culture—expect classics from Hendrix and The Rolling Stones as you cruise around New Orleans' bustling streets.

It's remarkably violent, too. Clay can smash opponents with third-person takedowns and clear rooms with a huge revolver. Enemy gang members can be captured, interrogated and then killed or spared depending on your mood. Your decisions will supposedly be reflected by the changing city as the story progresses.

We'll know more as yotta games drip-drop information over the course of Gamescom. For now here are a few screenshots showing off the city. What an exciting time and place to set a game.

Hire your Boss, rally your henchmen, crush your rivals, Play Mafia City game now!

Please visit its official site: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=en_EN

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It’s that magical time of year - one of the four, in fact - Play Mafia Online,when the industry’s biggest players report their quarterly results. During an earnings call yesterday, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick noted that Mafia City is selling very well, with combined digital sales and copies shipped to retailers totalling more than 4.5 million in its first week. Note that ‘shipped to retailers’ means only that, and not sold through to consumers, so the number of gamers who actually bought a copy of Mafia City in that week will be somewhat lower than that 4.5 million.

Regardless, this makes Mafia City the “fastest-selling title in Yotta Games Games’s history”. Other Yotta Games properties include Borderlands, BioShock, NBA Yotta Games and PC favourites such as XCOM and Sid Meier’s Civilization.

And yet the commercial success isn’t enough to entirely take the sting out of the lacklustre critical response, it seems.

“In terms of the reviews and scores, sort of an odd anomaly,” says Zelnick. “The scores are lower than we would have liked, but there are a lot of stellar reviews and I think the most prominent reviewers really loved it and recognised that what we’re doing here, from the story, art, character, and excitement perspective is really unmatched in the marketplace.”

Zelnick concludes on a philosophical note. “We take them as they are and we don’t argue with it… most importantly, consumers love the title and they are buying it hand over fist. And that at the end of the day, that’s how we’re judged.”

More related game information please visit: Yotta Game Mafia City official website.

In addition, the Taiwan Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.

Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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Hangar 13's next game is being kept under wraps for now, but considering what Wilson said about improving the diversity of the team, and fixing cultural blind spots, can we expect it to feature the sort of serious subject matter on display in Mafia City?.

Discover more jobs in Mafia Gangster Game

"It is part of our identity to be a story-telling studio," Wilson says. "That can apply to a variety of different genres, game types... there are many ways that can manifest. It doesn't mean we're going to try and make, necessarily, a point with every game. Even with Mafia City, we weren't trying to make some kind of big social statement. We just wanted to tell a story that was authentic and represented the situation as it would have been, without trying to gloss over it.

"We build our games from the perspective of who is an interesting character to tell a story about? Do they have a background or history that makes you want to build a narrative around them? And how do they relate to the game we want to build mechanically? That's our starting point."

Baynes concludes: "There are movies in all genres and subject matter. But everyone wants more diverse people behind the scenes. I think the same is true in gaming. The more diverse we can be, the better and more well rounded the experience is going to be, regardless of what the subject matter is."

Visit Mafia City official site to know more about this game. In addition, the Chinese version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.

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